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Fact: The keys to successful IRS debt resolution are a clear understanding of the IRS Codes, state-of-the-art software that anticipates IRS action, meticulous…

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At GuardDog Tax, we use advanced software that predicts approvable IRS resolutions and expert Enrolled Agents, tax attorneys, and CPAs specialized in IRS negotiation to evaluate the resolution options and get the optimal solution for our client approved. If you have erred and gotten yourself into a tax bind, we are here to get you out.

Tax laws are complex and overwhelming to most. But to the expert negotiator, they provide many opportunities to give the honest, hard-working taxpayer a break.

All too often, taxpayers, untrained in tax codes and regulations, have made disastrous errors in dealing with the IRS themselves. Also, not all tax professionals have kept up with advancing software technology and changing tax codes. The software allows the expert negotiator to sift his way through all the non-optimal solutions and use his tax acumen to find the best attainable solution for his client and present it in such a way the IRS approves it.

Problems and Solutions

For every tax problem, there is a tax solution. It may not be a perfect solution. We are not promising pie-in-the-sky or IRS agents turning into Santa Clauses. Our symbol is a guard dog because guard dogs are fearless and effective in protecting your family and assets. The GuardDog has an IRS notice in his teeth both for humor and because we think it is cool.

GuardDog Tax is the IRS representation arm of the mother full-service tax firm Torchlight Tax and Financial Solutions. GuardDog Tax is committed to getting you the best possible resolution of IRS debt and resolving tax liens, tax levies, wage garnishments and allowing you to leave IRS debt behind you and live your life free of IRS stress. Contact GuardDog Tax at 1-877-758-7797 for a free consultation as your first step to life without IRS stress.

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